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History of Living Streams Fellowship


In the 1920's economic hardships caused many German people to move to the USA.  Some of these immigrants had experienced the ministry of Christian women known as the Fellowship Deaconry deaconesses in Germany. These dedicated ladies had cared for children and nursed the sick, living and teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. These immigrants communicated the need for deaconesses in America and the Fellowship Deaconry, on October 3, 1929, sent Sister Emilie Stede and Sister Toni Radmer. Leaving their initial tiny bedroom/kitchenette home, on May 1, 1930 they moved into a larger Philadelphia apartment and began holding regular Bible Studies and systematically distributing Gospel tracts.


This new ministry was called "Tract Mission of Faith." Written in German, the tracts containing exciting stories of faith, were regularly brought to German neighbors by "tract missionaries." Every believer was encouraged to become a volunteer "tract missionary" with his own neighborhood mission field. They were to seek the town's very best and pray to the Lord for it. Eventually the tracts titled "Good News" we're published bi-weekly in English and, as always, delievered personally to receptive neighbors. Meanwhile many had believed God's Word and this vibrant fellowship of Christians purchased a church building on nearby Wyoming Ave. where many weekly services in German and English were held. Many devoted deaconesses, along with lay pastors, elders, tract missionaries, Sunday School teachers and enthusiastic volunteers caused the ministry to flourish. Later, in conjunction with churches founded in the same way in New York, New Jersy, the mid-west and Canada, the name of the ministry was changed to "Evangelical Fellowship Chapel."


As their economic circumstances improved, many of the members of the Evangelical Fellowship Chapel in Philadelphia moved to the suburbs. In the 1970's a new church building was constructed at County Line Rd. and Beechwood Dr. in Southampton where we continue to assemble.


In 1979, Pastor Herman and Barbara Dietsch, having returned from missionary ministry in Papua New Guinea and both having been nurtured spiritually through the Fellowship Deaconery ministries, heard God's call to fill th suddenly vacant pastoral position. Shortly thereafter the aging deaconesses retired and the Greman services discontinued. Through the next three decades our congregation experienced many changes so that currently we are a multi-cultural, full gospel church with the new name "Living Streams Fellowship."

Pastors Nick and Lilian Okore and some members of their former congregation are worshiping and ministering with us since 2015. As members of the Body of Jesus Christ, we value Extravagant Worship, Empowering People and Expanding God's Kingdom. Together we are seeking God for His demonstration of signs, wonders and miracles, salvation of souls and transformation of our city and nation.














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