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To get involved with our midweek healing rooms ministry please speak with Pastor Herman and Barbara Dietsch.

Every Thursday. Two sessions. 2pm and 7pm. 

What are healing rooms? Based on John G Lake healing rooms of Spokane washington, our healing rooms are on the church grounds (Building B) ran by church elders among other volunteers. As soon as you walk in, you'll be greeted and asked to sign in. You then be ushered into one of the rooms where you'll meet Pastor Herman with two or more ministers who will speak to you about healing as a part of the redemption work at the cross. They will pray for you to be healed from whatever ailment you may have. How do you know you are healed? Some people receive immediate results while others take awhile before the full manifestation. Even so, Jesus remains the healer and we, the church, are simply the vessels He uses from time to time.


To Get involved with the Living Streams kids church, please speak to Mrs. Fitt. The kids church age ranges from 2 yrs old to 12 yr olds. Jesus said, " Let the little kids come to me. Forbid them not!" Every kid is encouraged to participate in sunday worship. They may play some percussion instruments or simply just dance to the music as it play upfront. After the praise and worship session, they go to the Kids Church downstairs

or in Building B. You can volunteer to help teach them a song, dance, or simply help with keeping the little ones safe.




To get involved with our missionary network, please see Mrs. Dietsch. She was actively involved as a missionary in Papua New Guinea for 17 years.

You can help with communicating to missionaries, going on a mission overseas, raising funds or simply updating the church about what the Lord is doing

in those various places.


To get involved with the youth ministry please see our Youth Pastor: James Okore. For more information about their meeting dates and other

on going projects, visit



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